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Big B Construction

About Us

We at Big B Construction want are clients to feel that they are getting the value of a good job completed in a workmanship manner and within budget and to let them know that we start out with the sub-contractors and do a preparatory meetings with each subcontractor to assure compliance and a commitment that they have a full understanding of the project requirements.

We create a schedule that we strive to work by, and then we schedule a weekly meeting; so that we can maintain a three week look ahead schedule. We incorporate this scheduling into our long term schedule and so we can keep subcontractors on schedule.

We have inspections, testing and weekly progress reports for documentation part of quality control. Our quality control manger will monitor subcontractor performance during the project by regularly visiting each job site, and our superintendent will continually monitor the subcontractor performance on a daily reports.

We generate a weekly Punch list of items that do not meet specifications and /or Big B standards, and see that they are corrected in a timely manner.